Quantitative Research and Sexual/Gender Minorities

On Saturday, July 19 at 1:30 pm, I will give a talk titled “Quantitative Research and Sexual/Gender Minorities: Findings from the Experience of Participating in the Collaborative Research, ‘LGBT Workplace Environment Survey'” at Naha Women’s Center, Okinawa, Japan!

This talk will be delivered as a program within an event called “The 1st LGBT Youth Meeting” (hosted by Over The Rainbow, cosponsored by Rainbow Alliance Okinawa). I will speak about the significance of conducting quantitative research on sexual/gender minorities as well as various problems arising from the research, based on my experience of participating in the collaborative research, “Survey on LGBT Issues in the Workplace Environment 2014” conducted by Nijiiro Diversity between February and March 2014. Also, I will share the summary of the results of the survey themselves.


第1回LGBT Youth Meeting ~十人十色の学校教育~」(主催:Over The Rainbow、共催:レインボーアライアンス沖縄)の中の1つの企画としてお話をさせていただきます。性的マイノリティについて計量調査を行うことの意義やその際に生じる様々な問題について、2014年2月〜3月まで虹色ダイバーシティが行った「LGBTに関する職場環境アンケート 2014」共同研究参加経験を踏まえつつ、お話できたらなと考えております。アンケートそのものの調査結果概要についてもみなさんと共有する予定です。ご関心のある方、ぜひご参加をお待ちしております。

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