Our National SOGI Survey Has Been Launched!

The first nationally representative demographic survey that asks about sexual orientation and gender identity in Japan has just been launched by a group of demographers, including myself. This survey will make it possible to estimate the proportion of sexual and gender minorities in Japan and to compare the living conditions and attitudes of sexual and gender minorities with the majority.



Report Meeting of the 2022 Aro/Ace Survey in Japan



  • 調査回答者の性的指向・性自認のあり方をたずねている大阪市で実施された無作為抽出調査である「大阪市民調査」における(出生時に割り当てられた性別、年齢階級別にみた)アセクシュアル回答者割合:原著論文(英文)日本語訳
  • 「大阪市民調査」を用いた、性的指向アイデンティティ、恋愛的惹かれ、性的惹かれ、性行動など性的指向の複数の指標の相互関連性に関する分析(分析の一部については三宅・平森(2021)のp.216-7で日本語でも言及しています):SocArXiv(英文)
  • さまざまな性的マイノリティに対する意識・態度をたずねている全国無作為抽出調査である「性的マイノリティについての意識:2019年(第2回)全国調査」におけるAro/Ace関連項目(恋愛感情を抱かない男女への嫌悪感は資料53、55ページ目、性愛感情を抱かない友人に対する抵抗感は資料70、74ページ目):スライド資料

Joining the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies at Hosei University as an Assistant Professor

As of April 1, I have been appointed Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Global and Interdisciplinary Studies (GIS) at Hosei University. Although this is a three-year fixed-term position, I am looking forward to engaging in research and educational activities at GIS!


Presentation at an Event on the Aromantic/Asexual Spectrum in Japan (Waseda University)

On December 4, I was invited as a panel speaker to deliver a presentation titled, “Introduction to the Aromantic/Asexual Spectrum: From a Demographic Perspective” at “A World Where Everything Definitely Becomes Love vs. the Me Who Definitely Doesn’t Fall in Love: Aromantic/Asexual,” an event hosted by the Gender and Sexuality Center at Waseda University. See here for more details about the event (in Japanese). The slides that I used in my presentation (in Japanese) are available here.


Article on the Demography of Asexuality Published in the Journal of Population Problems

My article with Daijiro Miyake, “Demographic Diversity of the Aromantic/Asexual Spectrum in Japan,” has been published in the Journal of Population Problems, a journal of the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research! This article is part of the special issue “Demography of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Building a Foundation for Research in Japan (Part 3).” See here for the full issue.

Abstract: In Western countries, studies using representative surveys and community surveys have begun to reveal the size and the diversity of the asexual population. On the other hand, in Japan, there are only a few studies using representative surveys, and the detailed realities of the asexual population are yet to be explored. This article analyzed a web survey “Aromantic/Asexual Spectrum Survey 2020,” conducted by the Aro/Ace Survey Executive Committee. Most of the respondents tended to be cisgender women, young people, and residents of the southern Kanto region. Many identified as aromantic and asexual, but some identified as other aro/ace identities. We also conducted an analysis on “nonsexual,” an identity category unique to Japan. While masturbation and sex drives were found in a certain number of asexual respondents, the proportion of those who would like to have sexual contact with others was particularly low among asexual respondents. We conclude that sexual contact with others has important implications for self-identification.

Keywords: asexual, aromantic, LGBT, sexual and gender minorities, sexual orientation and romantic orientation