Article on the Demography of Asexuality Published in the Journal of Population Problems

My article with Daijiro Miyake, “Demographic Diversity of the Aromantic/Asexual Spectrum in Japan,” has been published in the Journal of Population Problems, a journal of the National Institute of Population and Social Security Research! This article is part of the special issue “Demography of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity: Building a Foundation for Research in Japan (Part 3).” See here for the full issue.

Abstract: In Western countries, studies using representative surveys and community surveys have begun to reveal the size and the diversity of the asexual population. On the other hand, in Japan, there are only a few studies using representative surveys, and the detailed realities of the asexual population are yet to be explored. This article analyzed a web survey “Aromantic/Asexual Spectrum Survey 2020,” conducted by the Aro/Ace Survey Executive Committee. Most of the respondents tended to be cisgender women, young people, and residents of the southern Kanto region. Many identified as aromantic and asexual, but some identified as other aro/ace identities. We also conducted an analysis on “nonsexual,” an identity category unique to Japan. While masturbation and sex drives were found in a certain number of asexual respondents, the proportion of those who would like to have sexual contact with others was particularly low among asexual respondents. We conclude that sexual contact with others has important implications for self-identification.

Keywords: asexual, aromantic, LGBT, sexual and gender minorities, sexual orientation and romantic orientation


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