New Discussion Paper Released on the Website of the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training

My co-authored discussion paper “An Estimation of Social Loss Due to Suicide and Depression among Sexual/Gender Minorities, and a Survey on Income Disparity between Them and the Non-Minority” has just been published on the website of the Japan Institute for Labour Policy and Training!

Abstract: As part of an attempt to understand the reality of social difficulties including bullying and harassment at the workplace, this study summarized social difficulties among LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people who may be affected by a peculiar kind of harassment related to discrimination, namely SOGI harassment (harassment related to sexual orientation and gender identity), and estimated the social costs associated with it. Estimated social loss due to suicide and depression among LGBT people (provisional) amounted to 1,988-5,521 million dollars (of which 994-4,186 million dollars are due to social difficulties specifically for being LGBT). Also, a survey of previous studies confirmed that, although the income of lesbians is relatively higher than that of heterosexual women and the income of gay men tends to be lower than that of heterosexual men, the income difference varies highly depending on previous studies.



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